Power cord for Meitner DAC & Philips Transport?

What power cords are recommended for the Meitner DAC & Philips Transport?
I have found that the best thing to do with these particular devices is plug them into an AC outlet. I tried leaving them unplugged once and they would not even work. Returning the power cords and plugs to the AC outlet cured the problem completely.
I like my Shunyata Anaconda vx alot. It seems to have
just the right amount of body in the sound. Powercords
like everything else are system dependent.
I am using Jena Labs "Pathfinder" aka the 7 strand powercord, speed and air seem to be there strength's. They don't do anything wrong in my system so I think its a great combo for me. However like Saxman2 said power cords are VERY system dependent and personal preference is the other big factor. I don't think you can go wrong with Elrod, Shunyata, Jena Labs, Silent Source or Harmonix- just depends what you want from a cord at this level.

I am going to experiment with some "cheaper" power cords on the transport and see what happens. There is no ground pin on the unit and as I understand it, a lot of the magic of power cords has to due with the ground. Has anyone else tried this?
I've found the Phillips Transport to be very sensitive to power cords and especially isolation. The EMM Labs DAC6 and DCC2 have much better power supplies than the Phillips transport and in my system the transport benefited the most from the best power cord. I use Harmonix Studio Master X-DC power cords on both and have had wonderful results. Although to save money Harmonix makes a less expensive cord called the X-DC2 (squared) which gives about 85% of the performance of the Studio Master for less than half the money.

I also use a Harmonix power cord. I've tried quite a few cords in the past, but the Harmonix kicks ass! I use the XDC squared ($585) but I've heard that the Harmonix Studio Master ($1170) is better still. The XDC squared works wonders on my Audio Aero CDMK2 with analog input option. I've also heard the Philips SACD 1000 Meitner mod with the Harmonics XDC squared and could not believe what a difference a power cord could make!