Power Cord for McIntosh Power Amp

I just recently purchased an MC402 (should be a dramatic upgrade from my Bryston 3B ST) and was wondering which power cords mate well with this amp. I don't think my Cardas Hexlink PC will cut it for an amp of this quality. Suggestions are much appreciated.

I would get an NBS power cord. They are quite analytical and will mate with the 402 very well. I use one on my McIntosh C42 preamp and it's an awesome match. They have several models to choose from depending on your budget.

But there are MANY options out there. Best thing for you to do is buy several and see which you like most. If you buy them used, you won't lose any money and will end up with a true answer to your question.

i have a mac amp, the 275. i recently bought a voodoo mana line cord. i like it--easy on the treble frequencies.
I use SR Master Couplers on my 501's, they are a big improvement over stock.
I used a Virtual Dynamics power 2 cryo cord - sound became relaxed with better definition.
Recently replaced the VD cord with an Eichmann series 2 cord - improved dynamics, instrument seperation and much more low level detail with out introducing unwanted nasties.
Took my 402 to another level of performance for $150.
VD or Purist Dominus for amps (in particular.) I've used Dominus for both SS and tube amps and it beats anything else.