Power Cord For Mcintosh 402 and C200


I need some feedback. I have tried after market power cords on these units and so far the stock ones sound better, the others sound fat and slow on the amp for sure and not as bad with the preamp.

Has anyone found the same thing, if not what seesm to work better then the stock cords.

contact roy at basic power cords, gon id: audiophile8 he makes a great cable and it is cheap. i prefer it to the shunyata
One thing which improves any power cord would be applicable to the stock cords you already seem to prefer.
Try the Walker Audio SST contact enhancer, and prepare to be surprised when good is made better.
Then you may be tempted to apply to all contact points in the signal chain, itself.
In another thread this is rated best tweak by a number of Audiogon members.
You'll even end up with enough left over to improve a friend's system, too.
On my mac402, I use a kimber kable pk-10 paladian. On my mac-c42 preamp, I use a kimber kable pk-14 paladian. These power cords made an immediate impression with power and punch in the sound with all equipment I`ve used them on. I tried out about 30 different power cords, in all different combinations, and the paladians did it for me. I also use the pk-14 on my disc player and tuner with the same results. All power conditioning, I use shunyada hydra`s with python alpha`s. If you try them, let me know what you think.