Power cord for McIntosh 402 amp

Just aquired a 402 driving a pair of C4s and wanted some imput on power cords to add to my short list..and money is an object/under $300 used..thanks
I don't have the MC402 but I have the MC352 which is very close to it and I also have the MC206. I was also upgrading power cords but did not want to spend a small fortune. I tried both the Analysis Plus Power Oval and the Signal Cable Magic Power Cord. Both were significant upgrades over the stock power cords with both units. I really could not distinguish a big sonic difference between the two both but I went with Signal Cable Magic Power cord since I could buy a six foot cable at half the price of the Analysis Plus. I have them on both of my MAC amps and all of my subwoofers.

For easily under $100 bucks, it is a very good upgrade for MAC amps.
Oyaide Tunami GPX is a good possibility.
I just replaced my 352 with a new 402 and am using the Cardas Golden Reference. I had used a Harmonic tech Pro AC for a few years before that and I really beleive that I gained in two areas 1)a more "black" sound in the quiet transients and 2)i feel that I have a more dynamic response or maybe a better description is a more effortless presentation. You can find them here on AG used for that 300 price point and can probably always recoup your investment if you decide to sell. One other suggestion is contact usedcable.com about thier lending library and try a few different cables. I must add that I have Cardas GR throught my system except speaker cables. And the improvement I experienced may have been derived from system synergy.
I just upgraded mine to Tek Line Cables microReference Xtreme. Great vlaue
I have tried many power cords with my McIntosh MC 402, and the best sounding by far is the Prana Wire Kensho from Joe Cohen. You hardly ever see any of the Prana Wire cables for sale on Audiogon. Reason? Because it is one of the absolute best available. Prana Wire has a program where you can try their cables. You really ought to check them out if you want to see what a really good power cord can do. Just my honest opinion, for what it's worth. Happy listening.
09-27-08: Soundlock
You hardly ever see any of the Prana Wire cables for sale on Audiogon. Reason? Because it is one of the absolute best available.
Possibly. Or, it could be because the distribution is small and the number of owners is correspondingly small.

There are always several reasons why any product is not found in the for sale listings, and the reasons often have nothing to do with the quality of an item.
I use the Lessloss. Fantastic. Best several other big names that I have owned. I have had the Lessloss for almost a year now and still have or feel no need to try something new it is just that good and I been into cables for 26 years way before it was a trend or big business.
Another astute observation by Tvad,thanks,Bob
for value for money Lesslos, for absolute best Stealth Dream Power.
I also use the Lessloss on my MC-402.