Power cord for low-watt tube amp?

I'm about to take delivery on a 7-watt push-pull EL84 amp in full triode. Just wondering whether there are any power cords particularly well-suited for a lower-powered amp like this? What's the latest thinking on whether power cords are less important for smaller amps like this?
The latest thinking is to keep has much cash in your pocket and not pay for audio illusions that amount to delusions...
Yes, by those whose systems are not resolving enough to show the audible differences in cable.....but not for the many of us A'gon members here where such power cables can make a very significant difference.

I have found the higher gauge cords designed for power amps and conditioners are also a better match for tube line and phono stages as well as tube DACs that have tube power supplies. So my suspicion is that the same would apply to your amps even though they have low power-output ratings.

Not many companies actually make power cables for both high and low power consumption products. But one which does, Dream State, I have much experience with. When I tried each type of cable in my system, the lower-rated cables worked best for components like the CD player and electrostatic speakers, and the higher-power rated cables worked best everywhere else. The only way to know for sure is to try both types of cables on your amps. Good luck on this.
by those whose systems are not resolving enough to show the audible differences in cable
Have you determined that these people even have systems? I don't see any evidence that they do.
You know that a fixed delusion, that is one that the person believes is true and persistantly believes this against any evidence to the contrary leads to a diagnposis of Psychosis.
I never listed my system but really do have them. Do you really think that people whose systems that are not dramatically altered by PCs are systemless? I disagree even though I have custom made Silver PC, and Audience AU for sources and also SuburuGuru's custom PCs for my mono blocks. I bought these just hoping that my sound would be optimized in some way. I suffered from audiophilia nervosa but remain uncertain about PCs value to my systems.
OTOH I strongly believe that ICs and Speaker cable have strong influences on sonics.