Power cord for low-watt tube amp?

I'm about to take delivery on a 7-watt push-pull EL84 amp in full triode. Just wondering whether there are any power cords particularly well-suited for a lower-powered amp like this? What's the latest thinking on whether power cords are less important for smaller amps like this?
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I imagine that the main function of many cords is to reject EMI and RFI as well as provide clean unimpeded power that a power cord for a smaller amp is still important. That is of course if you are a cable "believer" or not? In your case, intuitively speaking, the gauge of the wire, probably does not need to be very large relative to a 20 Amp cord intended for a 500+ watt class A amp.
Then againg I doubt that you are going to find yourself seriously considering a garden hose or Anaconda for your small amp. It seems that a very high quality silver wire perfectly constructed as in a Japanese type masterpiece is probably what your shooting for.
You might try Audiio Asylum cable asylum and search for PCs for small amp. That might give a sense of whether there is any buzz about it or not.
I would suggest an affordable option like the Pangea from www.audioadvisor.com or Signal Cable from www.signalcable.com IF you feel the need to upgrade. I use all Signal Cable in my system.
The latest thinking is to keep has much cash in your pocket and not pay for audio illusions that amount to delusions...
Yes, by those whose systems are not resolving enough to show the audible differences in cable.....but not for the many of us A'gon members here where such power cables can make a very significant difference.

I have found the higher gauge cords designed for power amps and conditioners are also a better match for tube line and phono stages as well as tube DACs that have tube power supplies. So my suspicion is that the same would apply to your amps even though they have low power-output ratings.

Not many companies actually make power cables for both high and low power consumption products. But one which does, Dream State, I have much experience with. When I tried each type of cable in my system, the lower-rated cables worked best for components like the CD player and electrostatic speakers, and the higher-power rated cables worked best everywhere else. The only way to know for sure is to try both types of cables on your amps. Good luck on this.
by those whose systems are not resolving enough to show the audible differences in cable
Have you determined that these people even have systems? I don't see any evidence that they do.
Onhwy61, I agree with you! :)
I'm absolutely with you on this!
You know that a fixed delusion, that is one that the person believes is true and persistantly believes this against any evidence to the contrary leads to a diagnposis of Psychosis.
I never listed my system but really do have them. Do you really think that people whose systems that are not dramatically altered by PCs are systemless? I disagree even though I have custom made Silver PC, and Audience AU for sources and also SuburuGuru's custom PCs for my mono blocks. I bought these just hoping that my sound would be optimized in some way. I suffered from audiophilia nervosa but remain uncertain about PCs value to my systems.
OTOH I strongly believe that ICs and Speaker cable have strong influences on sonics.
Mechans, some people make reasoned arguments and allow for differing opinions, while others spout dogma based upon absolute "truths". I only wonder about the systems of the latter people.

My own observation is that power cords are very component sensitive, but can make a worthwhile, if still subtle, sonic difference. I think power cords are worth experimenting with, but I'm not convinced someone should spend large amounts of money on them. But if you do jump into PCs with both feet, then also upgrade your wall sockets and your components IEC inlets. You might even want to eliminate the inlet and go hard wire. I refuse to even consider whether the outlet socket cover has a sonic effect.
I had a eight watt tube amp once, which came with stock power cord. One night, while at the dealer's house auditioning some speakers to go with it, his opinion was that it sounded a little laid back or not to crisp, and suggested trying a Harmonic Technology PC. So, we did, and no other changes, the difference was very noticable, the sound now was much more alive, and just better to listen to.
I bought the cord.
All - thanks for the very helpful comments - I decided to order a Shunyata Venom 3 today and will let you know how it compares with the cord from the back of my printer. ; )
I don't care if anyone is laughing, but I am not ashamed to say that I spent more on my power cord than I did on my power amp.

But the last laugh is on me,because without the Python CX, my Decware Zen's two watts of EL84 SET power just sounds more powerful than it does with cheap power cords.

I should add that my speaker wires, Nordost Heimdall and Norse jumpers also cost more than my DecWare power amp.
So do my Ref 3A Grand Veenas, my Audio Aero Capitole cd player, my Hydra 8 and my Rega P9.
And my 3 other Shunyata power Annaconda Helix power cords each cost more than my DecWare, and so does my Manley Steelhead that drives my DecWare.

But the DecWare is the wildcard.

To give it anything less than what the other gear has would be to downgrade it's performance.
It is not the poor cousin at all in my system.
As such it is more than deserving of a quality power cord.

I've impressed a few friends and had them fooled into believing the amp was an expensive custom made unit from an old Japanese artisan with a small cult following and only a handfull are known to be in existance.

And then I tell them the truth.

It's inexpensive, and made by an American artisan with a small cult following.

If the OP has one of Steve's units, believe me, it is deserving of the best you can partner with it.
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I am sure power cords make a real and immediately audible difference. I would think though, that a good cord is a good cord, which may or may not match well with a component. I am not so convinced a cord is good for CD players power amps etc.
2 cords I use at the moment are Lessloss DPFC and the new Sablon Audio Robusto. Both are excellent, but quite different in their effect on reproduction.
In general, if you can borrow dem cords from your retailer or the cable company, or buy 2nd hand, you reduce any risk of expensive mistakes
Stock power cords work, some folks like them, others try DIY, and then some prefer the more exotic varieties.

The only way to know what suits you is to try some.

In my expereince,I haven't found a product that didn't benefit from a better power cord.

So even though my amp only puts out 2 watts, it gets it's juice from a Python CX,Hydra 2,30 amp dedicated line of 6 feet from the panel.

I think the fewer the watts, all the easier to really make them sing, or screw them up.
Re: Mechans post above
. . . also SuburuGuru’s custom PC’s for my mono blocks . . .

With the purchase of some new components, I spent the last 2 months re-rotating my modest loom of PC’s throughout the system. Included are offerings by Sablon, RAL, Kimber Palladian and TG Audio. For some reason, the digital gear wasn’t reaching its potential. After much frustration, I went to the closet to dig out $99 home-brew PC’s, made by Audiogoner Suburuguru. These were for my e-stats that I had 10 years ago. Voila! These Belden cables with off-the-shelf connectors from Home Depot beat out the $400 Acrolink 7N-P4030’s with Oyaide connectors. Ha! So, if any of you own these PC’s by Ernie, give them a try on your digital gear. BTW, all the others sound great where they are.
best way to go is ask the mfg. what they recommend

Hi,  I have a power cord that is suitable for your application,  it is the xindak Fp-Gold,  has gold alloy conductors,  it's for sale here on audiogon,  do not let my price fool you,  I priced it to sale,  on the ad, I have a professional review of the cable,  check it out. 

All my amps are tube and low power. Art Audio PX-25, Triode of Japan 845, Emotion Custom 45, and Eddie Current Zana Deux. Power cords make a big difference in these low powered amps. I have tried many brands and I am most pleased after 8 years with Synergistic Research power cords.

I really like the Synergistic Research Hologram A (amplifier) model. About 900 to 1000 used. Another cord to try from SR is their newest Atmosphere Black Power cords at 400 to 600. These new Black cords come with a 30 day trial. I think it is worth calling High End Electronics or The Cable Company if you are interested in the new Black cords to arrange a trial.

Glad you are joining the small amp - great sound family.

David Pritchard
I've tried a few different power cords on a 8 wpc SET stereo amp. I got very good results with Triode Wire Labs, Shunyata Python Zitron, and a DIY cord made from 10 AWG finely stranded copper, and Marinco connectors. Of those three, the Triode Wire Labs has the most saturated sound (harmonically saturated). The Shunyata is a little more lit up and sharper. The DIY cord is more plain than the other two. I mostly prefer the Triode Wire Labs with my current set up, which is a $3000.00 DAC fed by MAC Mini. With a previous DAC, not as expensive, I preferred the Shunyata. So I would say get three or four cords to compare with. One will sound best for you.  
Quote : "best way to go is ask the mfg. what they recommend"

I found asking them is not always productive. Some have tried a few, others very little. Some leave it up to the customer and don't even supply a cord.
An EL84 in PP triode, please tell us more about this amp and feel free to add pics too.  For several years, I had a modified Conn organ amp that ran 6BG6's in PP triode for 8 wpc.  One of the best sounding amps I ever had