Power cord for Linn Classik


I would like to ask for recommendations
for a power cord for a Linn Classik.
Has it made a difference in your

I also own a Linn Classik hooked up to a pair of Tyler Reference Monitors. I haven't done much with it in terms of replacing cables yet (still using the factory speaker cables as well.)

However, I always throw away those pre-molded cheap 18 gauge IEC cords that ship with everything from computers to audio equipment. They are just plain junk. I always replace them with at least standard 14/3 gauge powercords.

Not sure how much much improvement it made as I never even listened to the unit with the original powercord. It's also probably not the best upgrade you can do for a powercord, but it's a start and cheap.

However, I have had lots of luck and experience with the Granite Audio #555 and #560 powercords (which I use throughout all of my main system.) They're a lot powercord for the money.

I'm curious what you've found that works for speaker cable. The Linn Classik has those bizzare speaker connectors that almost nothing fits except for those z-connectors. Not one of the best choices in my opinion given its a really very nice integrated unit.

Try a BMI Eel. For the price, hard to beat, and works great with Linn solid state gear, warming up the midrange.
racerx90 - when I bought my Classik in England, the dealer gave me a set of adapters that allows me to use standard banana plugs on the speaker terminals. You might try contacting a Linn dealer and see if you can find a set...it opens up a lot more options for cables.
Rsuminsby - Thanks a lot!!! That it just what I've been looking for. I'll stop by the Linn dealer tomorrow and inquire about it.
Don't literally throw those cheapie power cords away Racerx90!! If you ever sell those pieces of equipment I doubt that you'll want to ship them along with your "Ultra Godzilla Monzo" mega-buck power cords! And used equipment customers DO expect to see a power cord along with their equipment even if THEY'LL probably throw them away! Happy Tunes!
Fatparrot- (grin) Actually, it was just a figure of speech. I should have said I leave it in the box for when I sell it. Thanks for the advice though.

The LAT International powercords are very nice and cheap. Echohifi.com sold me mine at a great price. The banana connectors do come apart and one can easily use other wire up to maybe 16 gauge. Owned a Classik and it is very nice.