Power cord for Leben CS-600

My new Leben CS-600 integrated amp is arriving soon and I was hoping someone out here could give me suggestions for a compatible power cord.
I'm currently using JM labs speakers.
Listening preferences are mostly jazz and chamber music.
Thanks for your your help.
if you want something warm try the purist museus powercord.
if you want something more neutral, try to look for TG SLVR
if you want something detailed and dynamic, go for the Voodoo Mojo
try with the stock cord first.
I have no experience with the Leben, but have a lot of experience with integrateds in general. Thinking about it, I agree with Jaybo. You can establish a baseline for the performance of the Leben by starting with the stock cord. Let it break in/settle in. Then compare the Leben's performance with after market cords to the initial performance with the stock cord. This will help you in gaining perspective on the Leben's potential. There are many cords to consider in what a fellow Audiogoner calls "the power cord jungle." You will need to go through trial and error. But always refer back to the baseline performance of the stock cord with the Leben. I went through power cord trials this year with 9 or 10 different cords on my integrated and line conditioner. This is my advice. I cannot tell you anything except, you'll know when you hear the power cord you like.
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Thanks for the replies so far.
Tvad I'll certainly check out your recommendations since you owned this amp.
What are you using now and why did you move on?
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I own a Leben CS600 and have tried the supplied stock cord, Oyaide Tunami GPX, VH audio flavour 2 cord with Oyaide P-004 & C-004 connectors. Each had a subtle affect on the Leben's sound.

I ended up deciding that the GPX sounded best on my Wadia 861 CD player and Flavour 2 on the Leben. The Leben stock cord sounded fairly good in comparison and should be worth auditioning before you try other power cords.

Biggest difference and improvement to the sound of my Leben was by swapping the orientation of Active and Neutral on the male end of the power cord. I did this after testing and finding that I had greater ground to chassis voltage (millivolts) with the power plug in the normal orientation. The ground to chassis voltage was almost zero when I reversed the active and neutral on the power cord. The following link explains how to do this: http://www.stereophile.com/reference/45/index2.html
You can also try different tubes with the Leben. What speakers are you using ?