Power Cord for Jolida JD-100

What seems to be a good PC for this player? Right now I using a Analysis Plus Power Oval. I have considered an Audience but open for other suggestions. Budget no more than $300. My preamp is a Jolida Music Envoy and amp is a Levinson No. 29. Speakers are Tyler Acoustics.

My other PC's are Tsunami Plus for the preamp and a Shunyata Taipan Alpha from the Hydra 2 to the wall and Tsunami from the Hydra to amp.

Personal taste in sound is the warm side of neutral to neutral and nice detail.

Hi Sam,
Why are you concerned about the power cord? Sonically that is minutae compared to the output tubes. The difference is monumental when you go to very high quality (vintage) ECC83s. Manufacturer's have to use what they can get in quantity but you can select a pair that suit your ear.
More liquid, mellow, try Telly smoothies, for bite Amperex BB's, for a blend try Telly corrogated, and for a bit more clarity try Mullard. Experiment with 7025s and 5751s as well. There are even better but those may cost more than the player or any upgrades. Svetlana's, JJs, and Phillips are OK as far as an improvement over the stock Chinese tubes but this player, even stock, is capable of far better sound with proper tubes.
Enjoy! 8^)
I agree with you and thanks for the tube information. I did not know some of the characteristics of the tubes you mentioned. I did forget to add I retubed over a year ago with GE triple mica black plates. I tried RCA's 1st but like the GE's better. They offered more midrange liquidity IMO (The RCA's were a tad drier). This did bring the player to another level. Oh by the way I am not a fan of mods.
I can suggest a VH Audio Flavor 4. Others may suggest other cords obviously. In my system this is a very versatile cord that I have used on amps and cdp's. It has a very clear, clean and detailed sound on cdp's and I'm using it on my JD 100 now. It's affordable and very good quality. I think you would like this cord but opinions on any gear here are only worth what your ears hear when you add that gear to your system, listen to it and judge it's merits for yourself. This goes for PC's, amps, speakers, you name it.
I thought the Vishnu had a clean, balanced sound to it. I also like the Michael Wolff PCs, but I don't see any on the used market right now. You might also try Audio Horizons. Their cords are under $200. They have a free home audition, I believe. IMO, the Audience (and the VH Audio Flavor 4) do not fit your sonic requests.

*I have no affiliation with the seller of the Vishnu PC.
Boa2 does the Audience and VDHF4 have a brighter or more detailed sound?
Samzx12, if you are asking which of the two has a brighter/more detailed sound, it would have to be the Flavor 4...at least in the applications I've heard. If it's a choice between the two, I would choose the Flavor 4 for your player. Many people like the Audience cords. To my ear, they make the music sound dark and rolled-off. Everything depends upon system synergy, room, type of music, your ears, etc...

Hope that helps.
Power cord, PS Audio Statement, version 3. For tubes, Ei Elite gold pins beat the pants off of everything else, beautifully balanced sound from top to bottom.
If you search, there's a recent thread on PCs for the JD 100, and numerous threads having to do with tubes. I expect you'd find helpful information on those, too.


A friend of mine has used the PS Audio PC's and was not impressed. Guess like most other equipment it is a matter of taste? Personally I like the way they look.
Boa2 I have a question? Why don't you recommend the Flavor 4? Thanks!

Boa2 I have a question? Why don't you recommend the Flavor 4? Thanks!
I've done comparisons in at least three different systems with the Flavor 4 on the source. An Electraglide & a Michael Wolff PC both made the highs much more open and transparent. Each time we went back to the Flavor 4, the snare drum sounded muffled, and the music became less engaging. The owner of the cord was the first to say so, and he used the word "lifeless".

Everyone hears differently, and the sound varies so much from one system to another. These are my experiences, and yours may be entirely different if you heard the same cord on your player.

Hope that answers your question.

Who knows Howard maybe the PC was not broken in????

I asked because I have read alot of favorable reviews on VH Audio and am really interested. Like you said maybe in another system it will be better? I emailed Chris asking him a few questions but have not heard back yet.
Who knows Howard maybe the PC was not broken in????
Each had well over 500 hrs of playtime.