Power Cord for Jadis Orchestra Reference

What´s is the best powercord for the Jadis Orchestra Reference with KT90 tubes?

Any sugestions are wellcomed
Accruz, my experiences with power cords may not be the same as others here, but most of the copper power cords to me show very little, if any, sonic difference. I just go for what appears to be good contruction, and a lot of muscle. A copper cord improves the sound in a subtle, yet worthwhile manner.

That being said, I have a silver power cord that I use on my Jadis Orchestra Reference that I believe improves upon the sound of the copper cords I have tried to a pretty significant degree. The sound becomes more detailed and open, and the bass may be a tad tighter. The sound is also a bit more extended. I don't want to list the company's name here, as they have bilked a fair number of customers during an unfortunate period here in 2000.

But, you could make your own, or ask HomeGrown Audio if they will build, or braid the wire for you. The construction is a braid of 3 runs of 22 gauge teflon insulated solid silver wires. Each run is three of these wires in parallel. I believe it is a 13 awg power cord. The terminations are Leviton, though I have always wondered how different the cable would sound with silver power cord terminations. A company in Brooklyn was making silver plugs and IEC connectors, but I think they stopped selling the individual parts, and they may not even be around any longer.
Trelja, 3 runs of 22AWG equals about 17.5AWG...awfully skimpy. I make a true 13AWG silver/copper matrix PC for front ends, but it is NOT as neutral as my all-copper version. I'd keep that 17.5'er off any tubed gear...or any amp, as well. Cheers.
Thanks, Ernie! You are oh so right. As the power cord guru, I have been meaning to get in touch with you. A good friend is looking for some power cords, but is a bit gunshy about assembling them.

That being said, my sonic impressions still hold for me. That silver cord is the best I have tried, of the many, for my JOR. I think the manufacturer(who I mentioned was a shyster) totalled the three runs and advertised it as a 13 awg cable.