Power cord for GamuT?

I searching the best power cord for my amp GamuT D200 and preamp GamuT D3i?
I am currently using the Nordost Shiva on the Gamut DI150, which is supposedly similar to what you have, and on my Gamut CD3. I honestly cant be certain it is the best choice, but the system sounds stunning. I will be watching this thread.
I heard that Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 power cord is a real thing for GamuT.
Here in Brazil GamuT is very popular and a number of people use them with Combak XDC2 or Studio Master power cords. Siltech power cords are widely used also.

I have a friend who uses his D200 with Nordost Valhalla powercord with great success too.

Time to update this post.

I looking for Powercords to GamuT D3 and M250i

If Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 is a good match, can Acoustic Zen Tsunami2 work as well?, they are a lot easier to find used. I will try GamuT´s new Wormeholes speakercable soon, because the combination with Audience AU24 dosen´t work well with my system.

Check out the Wireworld pwr cords(gold or silver). I heard them in the KT audio reference system. They sound excellent. The other cable, ASI(acoustic sys int.)
You should check out the WyWires Juice PC. I use one in my Esoteric SA60. Excellent. Check out the comments on Audio Circle.
Hi all, I use my system with great success the Harmonic Technologic Fantasy Pro AC 10,in my 2 pre Krell KBL, I replace the conectors for the Oyaide 079, and gave me a very warm sound with great body in the extreme and very low frequency distortion, I look very good and compare Purist of more than 3 times the price.
I use Harmonix X-DC Studio Master power cord for my GamuT system D200 mkIII,D3i and CD3 player.You can try this cables,they are amazing.
I really like my Transparent Powerlink but when I hooked it up yesterday it would not stay plugged in so I am slumming it with the standard cord. I have several other Transparent ones so I will try some of them. I found them to be excellent on my CJ 350. More when I try again, I just don't have the energy any more. I am using the passive Townsend Allegri. It is great and cheap by comparison to almost anything of good quality. I also have an Audia Flight so I am use to a good pre. On another subject the Bobs Devises step up is very good.

Purist would be the best match.