power cord for electrostatic speaker

Hi folks, I would like to know if you have some suggestions/recommendations regarding the use of special after market power cords for electrostatic speakers (Sound Labs). The power consumption of such speakers is extremely low, so I don't think power cords would have audible (if there is any) impact. What is your opinion? Isn't it a bit ridiculous to spend 2 x US$700 worth of power cords only for electrostatic speakers?

I noticed a darker background using Synergistic Research on my ML Prodigys. I dont think it is rediculous at all You really need to try them and decide for yourself.
A lot of people with Martin Logan speakers use Blue Circle power cords. BC's Gilbert Yeung is also an ML owner.

The BC62 power cord is a good choice, but if you really want the ultimate, take a look at the BC68 filtered power cord, which was designed with electrostatics in mind.


BC has also recently come out with a less expensive filtered power cord, the BC86PC which is listed under power conditioning on their website.
Keep the stock ones and buy records.
I heard no difference with my Martin Logan SL3's but you may hear a difference and it might be worth it to you....better to spend the money on a device like an Exact Power 15A or PS Audio Premier
If you already have dedicated lines and balanced power conditioner then try Morrow Audio MA 2 power cords. FYI, I have a BPT 2.5 for sale but have not listed it here. $875, plus shipping
I have found a diference with aftermarket pwr cords on stats-currently using lessloss--
Any power cord I use makes a difference on my clIIz speakers.

I am just guessing but, with your Soundlabs, you owe it to yourself to try all the greatest pairs you can afford especially if your electric is good.

I have used Elrod Statement II, EPS 3 sig, Dominus Ferox c, even the Granite audio 555. I am using the Dominus Ferox c now for the extra bass weight. I like the Statement II, but they are too unwieldly in the location behind my speakers. I would have trouble with any of those stiff cords and that is a shame.

I still rotate all of these cords around my system and use them in different locations. Wish I had more cords but I cannot afford more right now!

BTW, I use a SA linestage just ahead of the power cables and that goes into Elrod Statemeent to a Oayide R1 in the wall. Even the R1 made a difference compared to the Porter Port, which is another favorite of many I have tried.
I was surprised to hear a positive improvement on my Quad 988's. I think it's worth a try.

Best, Peter
I will say this (keep in mind that I am not a big spender when it comes to PC , SC or IC ):
From my experience with ML Aerius I , I can report that both -
a) power cable
b) upgraded power outlets
did improve the sound.
How much of an improvement ?
Enough to justify the cost of cables (Kimber Kable 10 X 2 , show demo = $220) and power outlets by PS ( X2 , $100 ) .
So, was a little over $300 worth it ?........ IMO, Yes.
If you can't hear the difference , just return the cables
and enjoy the music.
P.S Tweak1 - it should be $869.

You just saved 6 big ones here&now.
I can hear the difference also with aftermarket power cords on my ML Aerius i's. I am currently using TARA Labs Prism Special AC power cord. The stock cable is fine, but once you find the right after market I think you will hear the difference with the stock sounding a little congested. I use to have an ugly green pair of Straight Wire power cable that I thought sounded much better then my Prism Special's.... I wish I never sold them.
How can you explain the effect of power cord on the sound of electrostatic speakers? Power requirement of electrostatic speakers is almost zero.

Power is their main source of energy.
From my experience, ML are very sensitive
to any changes in the system and that goes also for
PC cable, PS outlet, isolation from the floor
(cones, spikes, platforms, ISO-Pads etc), toe-in, power quality etc.

I own my Aerius I for around 7 years now and have
pretty good idea how to get the most out of them.
However your findings might be different.
Only reporting my observations from my older system, setup & room.
Dazzdax is correct. The 'power' going to electrostatics is simply to charge the screens and uses little power. The 'driving' power comes from the amplifier, not from the stats power source.
OK, if it is not a big deal - don't plug them in ........ what can I tell you.
Electrostatic...............electro static. How difficulte can it be???
I have CLS IIZ LE, power cables make zero difference at all. The electronics in the speakers will filter out any noise in the line. Plus, like you said, there is hardly any power traveling thought them anyway.

The human mind is very tricky, if I spent $700 on power cables then, yes I will here a difference. You already think they are going too, thats why you bought them, so you better here a difference. See what I'm saying?

If you are going to, try some Audioquest NRG2 they are about $105 for a 3 foot cable. Much less expensive than the ones you are looking at.
there are two problems or issues with this thread.

first there is a disagreement as to whether electrostatic speakers are line cord sensitive.

second is there is a range of suggestions as to the appropriateness of using a particular line cord.

the above are indicative of threads which are so subjective in nature, that one may question their value and purpose.

i have been admonished that "audiophiles" enjoy exchanging opinions. i guess threads like this serve a purpose, namely the exchange of opinions. the question is, beyond the mere exchange of opinions, what else is accomplished ?
Roy, each opinion is important for me.

I made up a DIY pair of power cords using Romex solid core wire, and the stock Quad IEC and male receptacle when I had a pair of Quad 63 back in 1988.The stock cords in my mind were much too thin.
I thought they were an improvement, and so did the gentleman who bought my Quads a few years later.
He listened to the stock cords first then asked if he could hear the speakers with the DIY that were on the floor.
He then asked me how much extra for the DIY cables.
I guess he could hear the difference as well.
I used aftermarket power cords on my CLS speakers.
On these I used the Foundation Research LC2, that have filters.
Stats can be RFI,EMI magnets.
I know a soundlab owner who in the past has made his own low gauge wires and found a benefit.

I also found a great benefit to upgraded power cords when I used to own Quads.

However, If I owned 'stats, what I would do is spend the money on a Powerplant Premier (or even a small 300 would work) and less on cables.

The nice thing about the PS Audio unit is that you can try it for 30 days I believe (at least from some vendors).

Here you would know right off the bat if cleaner power will help. Of course the next step would be to plug your whole system into the Premier (unless using powerful tube amps - My MA1's use too much juice for the premier - but I have them on a PS Audio Duet)

So for the cost, you'd really be getting a whole system upgrade by going to regenerated power. Then after that, consider some well built but inexpensive power cords.

I may be wrong, but I believe the benefits of clean power outweigh the benefits of better power cords. Of course some people with dedicated lines, who are far from neighbors, computers, etc. may not need power conditioning.

But that's where I would start.
A pair of Mit z-cord IIs made a significant improvement on my old quads.Cannot explain how or why, but there was no question of the improvement, the sound was not different it was better, my kids noticed it the day I installed the power cords. Years later I sold my beloved quads on audiogon with the stock cords,I suggested to the buyer he pick up some used Z-cords, he finnally did and emailed me back with a WOW.