POWER CORD for Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP

What´s the best power cord for the Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP?

Any sugestions are wellcomed.
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I have used the Synergistic Research Resolution Reference, Electraglide Fat Man, Harmonix X-DC Studio Master, and currently the Electraglide Ultra Khan II Statement.

From my experience they would fall in this order

best - Electraglide Ultra Khan II Statement
Electraglide Fat Man
S.R. Res. Ref.
Harmonix X-DC Studio Master - worst

Many people seem to love the Harmonix X-DC, however in my system it seemed soften the mids at the expense of inner detail. Perhaps it would be a better match with solid state amps and such.
I currently use my Prelude N13 in Cu on my EMC1-UP. Simply more natural than my PCK13Q.
I have the ECD-1 and I am using the Argent Audio Brujo. This pc gets more air and better spaces out the instruments in the soundstage. It also adds some sparkle on the top end.

Try a BMI Shark or Whale Supreme. I have tried at least 10 cords including NBS Statement III, Shunyata Mamba, Ensemble Megaflux, and several others. The Whale Supreme was by far the best (even better than the Shark).
Contact Brian @ BMI ([email protected])and he can custom make a cable for you. His products are just terrific and he is a very decent guy to work with. You can also keep an eye on Audiogon for a used Whale Supreme or Shark. Don't pick up an older Eel or Whale. The newer models are well worth the effort and extra cost.
The BMI cords will take over 500 Hours to fully break in, but you will hear a great improvement out of the box.
I currently have a Whale Supreme on my EMC 1-UP.
Also try putting a set of Symposium Rollerblocks under your EMC.
Silent Running Audio custom stand was the best platform I have found and a Zoethecus Z-slab came in second. The Silent Running Audio stand will cost you around $ 650.00 and a used Z-slab can be found on Audiogon for $ 100.00 - 150.00. Both the above are far better than the Symposium Ultra platform. It just compressed all of the sonics when I put an Ultra under my EMC.
Email me directly if I can be of any help.