Power Cord for Classe CA-401

Looking for power cord, IC and speaker cable is Cardas.
Any recommendation will be appreciate. Budget 500
Personally I'd try scooping up a *BMI Whale Elite II* at an a-gon auction. They will handle the load no problem and can be had for under $400.00 brand new from time to time. I also recommend running a dedicated 20 amp circuit just for the amp.
I also use Classe amps ( 2 CA-201s in Mono. ).
I "HIGHLY" recommend using Syenergistic Research AC Master Couplers ( especially the new X-Series ). Best Damn Cable for the Money. They will make a Big Difference! Enjoy!
Try JPS Labs Power AC, about $500, or Kimber PK-10 $200, or XLO PL-1500, $150. In fact, I'm using a PK-10 Kimber on a CA-301 and am quite pleased. I 've heard (on many ocassions)a friend's CA-401 with a Shunyata, can't recall the model, but sells for approximately $1,000. US$ That combo is very impressive. That particular power cord is excellent indeed.
IC's: Kimber Select 1021-SE or 1121 balanced. Friend uses the awesome KS-1030/KS-1130 with his CA-401. The system sounds spectacular! If budget is tight, try the Kimber SELECT 1011/1111 --an all-copper IC, Kimber's entry level SELECT IC. It would be a shame to use anything less on that power amplifier.

peter jasz

peter jasz
Alliedvandsound, thank you for your recommendation currently my interconnect is acoustic zen silver ref, cardas golden reference, and satori shotgun. Have tried the golden reference speaker bi-wire but it is too laid back. Also current PC is acoustic zen tsunami looking for something better.
Pure Note Sigma PC @ $350. I like this cord because it is not bulky (fits into tight places and will not 'lift' your equipment). Sonically sweet.