Power cord for CJ MF2500A

I have a Conrad Johnson MF2500A amp and it sounds really good. My only problem is the power cord is about six feet and it won't reach my wall outlet so I have to plug it into a power strip. Has anyone ever had an IEC bracket installed to allow for an after market power cord? If so, was there any improvement in sound? I'm more concerned with the ability to plug directly into the wall outlet than I am about using a different power cord. The supplied power cord works quite well and I have read that Conrad Johnson spent time developing the right cord to go with this amp.
Have someone local make you a heavy gauge extension cord with the length you require. 12-14ga. is sufficient.
Thanks, I might give that a try. I have an IEC adaptor coming my way from fellow Audiogoner Jab. I'll have sometime this coming week. I can try my DCCA power cord with it.
By the way, I really appreciate the help you folks have provided. It reminds me why this is such a great site. Thanks.
I dremeled the case and put a 20 amp IEC on the chassis. I'm no fan of the small 15A IEC's especially for big current users like the 2500(A) 20A IEC's have about twice the contact surface area.

I noticed an improvement right away using my cord of choice: unshielded Richard Gray power cords.