Power Cord for CAT

Anyone had experence which power cord are best for CAT
I have a CAT SL-1 III with phono, and at first I was using a homemade power cord that I liked better than Classe and Cardas power cords I've had before. (I've sold some of mine to audio professionals--they're not too bad.) But the Stealth HAC power cord I have now is worlds better. In the first 10 seconds, I thought it was adding an edge to an instrument's sound. I quickly realized that the edge was in the recording, which I was simply hearing more clearly. See this cord at www.interlinkhouse.com, click on "Products". I All Stealth cables come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I hope you don't pay more than you hve to for a lesser cord.
I have the Ultimade version. I am currently using the ESP essence with excellent result. The bass is even more solid, more details and quieter background. The difference is not subtle at all. Give it a try. This power cord is actually recommended by Ken Stevens for the CAT Preamp.
I love the Granite Audio #555. For the money it kills a lot of the more expensive power cords.
I have found the CAT Ultimate to be pretty much immune to the several power cords I have tried on it. I have tried the ESP Essence based on the recommendations of others and this thread. I was disappointed with the results as I didn't notice a great deal of difference. Then, I tried the Essence on my Pass Aleph 4 power amp. The bass was heavier, but not deeper. Overall, it was not an improvement. I went back to the stock power cord on the CAT and continue to use the Audioquest AC-12 on the Pass Amp, vowing to not waste any more money on aftermarket power cords.
JPS Power cord made a slight positive diference on the ultimate other cords didn't make a difference
The stock powercord works best, period. i really doubt if Ken Stevens has recommended the ESP cord, because what i gathered from many fellow CAT owners, is that Ken recommends using the stock cord. I also hear that the PSaudio 300 works great with the CAT, i tried some other AC filters with no good results, and some of these filters cost enough... happy CAT mk3 owner.
The ESP essence greatly improves my CAT Ultimate in More solid bass, more inner details. Recently, I upgraded to the Shunyata King Cobra. It takes the improvement made by the ESP up even further. Give it a try.