Power Cord For Cary SLP 05


Has anyone tried to change power cords on the Cary SLP 05?

I am using a generic Belden cord and a friend told me he tried to no great effect.

Any experience?

Get some loaner powercords from a dealer to try, I like Transparent Audio, Nordost, any brand name hi-end powercords will make a big improvement on that fine Cary SLP 05 over the stock or belden powercord.
Cary sells their own-xStream Power Master. I use one on the sub in my 2-channel system.
Pangea. Always, and EVERY time. Pangea. Forever.

I have no idea if they're worth a dump, but someone INSISTS on mentioning it no matter what the question - just getting there first.

Oh, and I've always used Transparent to great effect as well.