Power cord for Cary 805AE?


My system is all Cary (slp-05, 805AE, 306 SACD) with Kimber cable. Which brand of power cord do you use for the Cary 805AE?
No longer have Cary's, but FWIW...

I am evaluating 2 power cords from Tek Line Cables. The microReference is $350, the mRXtreme is <$700. THese I just got yesterday and have no definitive statements other than it sounds terrific on my PAysonic 168 CD player.

The mRefs are great value, providing me with a large sound stage. Also impressive is the music's ebb and flow. Wood instruments, like pianoo, cello, upright bass have a naturalness and rightness about them. In my system I can hear the cavity resonance. In classical/big band the location of instrument sections and the separation within them provides a better connection to the music.
Kimber Power cords are what Dennis at Cary likes
Best Johnnyr
When I had the 805AE, I used Black Sand Silver Referance. They replaced Cardas Golden Reference. The bass was firmer and not so bloated, the treble was more extended. The Cary's were stolen and now I have a pair of MBL 8011 Momo's with the Black Sand's and the same results. These cables can be had used at a reasonable price.
Tran, what are you trying to achieve with the power cords? I have found that you get far more benefit from tube rolling than power cords.
Thanks for all responds. I have little problem with the base and I've tried to improve it. The base is little boomy in my room. I moved my Jmlab 1007 into the room (7' from wall behind speaker)and the result is better but the problem is still there. My room is 10'W x 22L and my speakers are 23" from the side wall.

Anyway, I've looked for cable with tight base (less base is ok) and I'm thinking of Kimber, virtual dynamic, zu cable. Zu cable is the cheapest one to compare to the other two but I can't find much information about Zu cable. Has anyone tried Zu cable?

Tran, most people who do power cord upgrades say that the biggest benefit comes from "blacker" backgrounds and increased resolution. If you have a real problem with boomy bass in your room, I don't think a power cord will fix it.
Tran, I'm using the Zu Mother on my Primare I30 I have also had a SimAudio I-7 and the GamuT DI-150 with great results. I have just switched to the Kci Power Cord and it's smoother with the solid state gear. I have a Cary SLI80 Signature F1 coming and I'm going to try the Zu Mother on tubes. You will be very happy with the Mother over the Zu Bok as I also had that cable and the Bok is better suited for solid state. But the Kci is so well made with Furutech ends and not the size of a firehose that I have no problem recomending them. They sounded more natural than PS Audio, Cardas, and Zu.

Would you provide me the KCI website? I tried to google it, but nothing came up.

It's koolcable.com. He needs to up-date his site but drop him a line he's great to deal with and very knowledgible. Peace and Good Listening to All.
I have a beautiful cary system with tannoy 15" HPDs 40 years old. I have just been introduced to lessloss powercords
and I am blown away my gear sounds 25% better than with the Vallhalla power cords! I can send you pics if you give me your mail -
I was also able to try the Firewall which is a unit that removes all the noise and crap from the wall outlet/substation/power station etc. and it took the music to a different level -I almost cried when Louis packed it up = You see I live 50 miles away from the factory!
visit the web site the stuff is amazing -

hope this helps

many thanks

Thanks Paul for the website. $569 is not bad if it works. Do you know if they have a return policy in case the cord doesn't work as we expected.

I have all Cary stuff SLP05 pre,120S amp and 306 sacd. I purchased Jasmine power cords for all 3 units and they seem great to me although they haven't had time to break in. AND!! the price is very resonable. Here's the guy: fvcruz@mac.com