Power cord for benchmark dac1

Looking to upgrade stock cable for the dac. Budget $150 or less used. Only using Cardas otherwise in my system. Would Quadlink work? Thanks
Definitely check out Morrow Audio- he advertises here. THe MA 2 is great at any sane price
It's a DAC. Good shielded power without filtering. Many cords fit that goal. There is no magic for this component. My cable is PS Audio. Try a few and listen. I'll bet you don't hear a difference.
We have found the Cardas Twinlink to be the PC of choice with many DAC's, source and preamps. The Quadlink is our least popular model (not saying it is a bad cord, but un-shielded - the shielded Twinlink will be a bit quieter). Do not let the $130.00 price scare you off, it is remarkable at it's price if used in it's correct position.