Power cord for BAT VK-60 mono blocks

Looking to purchase a pair of power cords for Bat mono amps. Before I bought mono amps I was powered by a Shunyata Viper 2, or a Python. I also have a NBS Statement Extreme. The problem is I only own these cables as singles. I have a Bat VK-50SE preamp, Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speakers and Electrocompaniet CDP. Thanks for any and all input!
I had the Viper V2 with my 150SEs and thought they were great smooth and liquid. Then I got the Acoustic Zen Krakatoa and felt that it was a big step up from the Viper V2 much more drive and authority, really made the Vipers seem dull and muffled and slow by comparison. I have replaced the Krakatoas on a diffrent set of amps than the 150SEs, with the Elrod EPS 2 and thought that was a big gain over the Krakatoa in ways that are hard to describe, it was simply more natural, less electronic sounding.

I would certainly check out the Elrod cords in your search. I'm pretty sure that you could demo a couple of pairs before commiting to the purchase. Email me if you need contact with a dealer