Power Cord for BAT VK 200

Attention all BAT VK-200 and likely VK-500 owners.

What really made your BAT solid state amp sing?

I recently put an Audience PowerChord on my cdp and it made a huge difference. I'm certain there are power cords out there that have elevated the BAT amps to much higher levels of musicality.

What have you tried and could not part with?

Thanks - Jack
Without a doubt, stick a DCCA power cord on it. When I had the VK-500, the DCCA cord transformed the amp into a sonic wonder. Take Don up on his in home audition. You will most likely NOT return it.
I still have my VK-200 though now a 600SE is in my main system. FWIW, I had a Shunyata Python, Shunyata Anaconda and, last, an Elrod Statement on the amp. The Elrod provided the best results and I have kept the PC to use with the amp in a secondary system. If you're interested in the Elrod, check the classifieds, you should be able to find one used on Audiogon. Beware, this is one bulky monster...