Power Cord for ARC DAC7


Suggestions for a power cord to my Audio Research DAC7, and ARC CD3 Transport. I want to have Midrange Bloom.

I have tried Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox, it did bring out more bottom and heights, but overall to dark sounding.


audio teckne Best I've heard on digital. the 2nd best is the Harmonix digital power cord (came with my Reimyo Cdt and Dac) the audio teckne beats it hands down. My interconnects are Harmonix (which I picked over the audio teckne interconnects)
Synergistic Tesla Hologram D. It was buit for midrange bloom. Read the description on the Synmergistic website and borrow one from The Cable Company. I own one and it is all that it says it is from the website.
I am not sure how much "midrange bloom" you are looking for, but if a power cord can alter the frequency response to the degree that midrange will bloom, there is something seriously wrong with the design of the power supply of that equipment. I suggest you not to waste money on expensive power cord but apply that fund in other areas instead. You will get much better return for your investment.