Power cord for Accuphase DP-75v

I am wondering what folks have found to be an excellent power cord for their Accuphase DP-75v. I am using a JPS Digital AC right now.


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Best, Michael Wolff
Only saw your posting today. I switched to Kimber Palladian PK-10 for my DP-75V and am extremely pleased with it. Read up on the cable. After trying them I found that everything people said about it is true. Now I use four on my front ends, amp and pre-amp. However, don't use them in sequence.
I use Bob Crump's TG Audio SLVR on my 75V & I am happy with it. Smooth, relaxed, tight bass, removes abrasiveness/grain, removes unpleasant punchiness from lower midrange.
It's a real bargain at about $500 new. Well made & flexible too. The SLVR also is fine on my Edge NL12 amp, too--especially in the midrange, where it removes forwardness or pushiness.
Glad to hear the SLVR does well on the Accuphase DP75. I knew it worked well on their crossover and DAC, but wasn't sure on the DP75 model. The SLVR is the closest thing I have ever made to a universal cord that will work well on just about everything....

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders
Yep, the SLVR I think deserves the status of an audio "classic". Thanks Bob.
Rgs92, you fiddle with anything for over twenty years and you'll eventually get it to work pretty well! Thanks!