power cord for a plinius sa 100

Hello,can I ask what pc you use on your plinius sa 100.Im trying to eliminate a little brightness in some recordings,thankyou.
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TARA LAB THE ONE PC or PURIST AUDIO DESIGN PC might be a real good choice….enjoy
It would be helpful to know what power cord you are presently using?
The problem might not be the power cord, could possibly be the interconnects or speaker cables.
What interconnects and speaker cables are you using?
Hi there,another harmonix xdc2 arrived yesterday and has done the trick nicely,smoother tops,clear warm mids and good bass.Got a ps audio ac 12 arriving next week and well see how that goes.Im not sure how good that pc is.As Ive changed a lot of gear lately,im trying to tune it in.These kef ls 50 speakers are demanding little buggers,but they do a lot of good things for there size,which has been my aim,down size the speakers.cheers
I own a Plinius SA100 MK3 and use the Cabledyne Copper Power Cord. No brightness at all, mids and highs very smooth.

You're probably aware, but be careful forming judgements about the sound of your system soon after you add a new power cord. It takes days (sometimes quite a few) for the sound to stabilize into what it will be.
@ Misternice Hi, Do you still own the Taralabs onyx interconnect?
Hi there,hows things.Yes.