Power cord for 47 Labs digital front end?

I've got the 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression/Humpty front end, and although it sounds good, I think it should sound better. I'm currently using a Shunyata Anaconda VX on the humpty. The soundstage depth is great, excellent detail, however I think the treble region is amplified and forward in the soundstage, the bass is way in the back and muted, and the body is too lean. Aside from switching back to the stock power cord, any other suggestions?

FYI, the digital cable and interconnects are by Silversmith.
I use a DIY cord made with 47 Labs OTA on my DVD player with very good results. This is not for the faint of heart, as the OTA is only 26 guage, but if you have some already, it is very simple to construct. Simply run two lines (one for live, one for neutral) of the OTA through 1/8" heat shrink-I did not shrink it down, and terminate with a decent quality iec and male (I used a Schurter IEC and a Hubbell male). If you have young children or pets that cannot be trusted , this may not be the cord for you, but it has worked flawlessly me for me for the past year and a half or so.
I got Wolff's Silverribbon and Silvercarbon cords on the Gaincard and Parasound/CEC transport. They are much better when compared to Eichmann AC, Bogdan Original AC, and Virtual Dynamics on my gear.

I did have the Carbon cord for a while which is better than the older stuff which is now discontinued. But, in my system, it is only 10% better but at 200% the price. Maybe, after I get a real job, I'd buy the Carbon stuff too.
To Power that front end get a SahuaroAudio (PreThrilla)Power Cord..
Right here on audiogon look up a member by the name AUDIOLON he sells them..Will knock you socks off..I use them on my Dac ,and CDP.....
Good Luck and ....HOLD ON TIGHT