Power Cord Compairison - your thoughts?


I am in the process of changing some power cords on my equipment (amps solid state and pre amp tube - Herron). What are your thoughts on the following three relative to there sonic merits and system match. Thanks!

Audience e
Shunyata viper cx
Acoustic Zen Karakatoa
If you can't get loaner's to try, don't waste your money.
Which one do you want to believe will sound the best?
Two excellent responses so far. If you are not already using power conditioning, then I could safely say that a Transparent Powerlink MM and or an MIT Oracle AC 1 or AC 2 would put you into a new realm of musicality. Both address AC line noise/lower the moise floor and grundge without imparting any negative side effects. The Cable Company will allow you to try many others as well in your system. If you use Power Conditioning then that complicates the results of what you will hear.


>> ....MIT Oracle AC 1 or AC 2 would put you into a new realm of musicality. Both address AC line noise/lower the moise floor and grundge without imparting any negative side effects. <<

Is there anything else you'd care to say about these power cables? Do these cables suppress the overall impact or dynamic force of the audio content any?

I ask because I've found some power cables which address 'grunge and/or power line artifacts' by their sheer added capacitance.... thus presenting a lower noise floor but at the cost of leading edge sharpness. these convey all of the sonic info of course, but things are uh, softened up a noticeable amount. Not an altogether bad thing mind you depending on the system needs, but this effect could be undesired too.... or if in too much supply, too much of a uh, good thing. ex. Shunyata vx cables, Voodoo Black Dragon, JPS digi, etc.


Dave's notion of the Cable co is a good one IMHO.

The only times I've made mistakes in audioland were wehn I listened to someone else's ideas and did not allow my own to be a part of the mix.

if you want to find out which PC is best for you, I'm sorry to say it this way but You need to listen to them for yourself. Listen to your's... get the presumed upgrades run in elsewhere during that time, then listen to it. Then listen to the current on hand PCs one more time.

Notice anything? There you have it. Buy 'em or not. But this way you will know, if your system allows for such info to be gleaned... some rigs out there don't affford people sufficient resolution & detail to percieve cable diffs... and some people's ears won't allow for that either.

BTW play some very good 'quality' recordings for your tests... not compressed junk.

If a line conditioner/filter is being used, plug in as would be normally done. Wiht those gizmos, their supply cords do affect the other pcs attached to it on the out bound side.

AS _B said, then you have to figure in the product of two cords or a mix of those feeding the component. Ultimately though you have a base line for reference now. Swap in or out how you'll actually use the new cord (s). you may find all you need there is a new supply cord, and not several others.

Good luck
More good answers and as to the effects of the MIT/Transparent PC's, your take on them vs mine may vary slightly but when used appropriately they dull nothing down nor fatten anything up too much. Music seems to have great dynamic range without any glare or hardness plus a superiorly low noise floor. MIT Oracle AC 2 is for amps only and the Transparent seems to work exceptionally well on sources but can be used on any component.
Your better off cleaning the poor power coming in to your home with a decent conditioner.The power cord just brings it to your equipment like all the rest of the AC supply wiring.
There's no use spending extra money there.Here's a link on the subject. Link>>[http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_11_4/feature-article-blind-test-power-cords-12-2004.html]
I also agree that The Cable Company would be your best bet in finding power cords that suite your system. I have had power cords from Audience (very good), Shunyata, Dream State, MIT, and others. In my all Synergistic Research system I choose the new Tesla power cords following Synergistic's excellent power cord to component matching advice.

As Dave_b and Blind Jim suggest, try before you buy.