Power cord choice?

Hoping to change (or upgrade) my current PC in use with my ARC CD3 Mk2. Currently I'm using a Locus Designs Polestar and setting a limit $600 max. I'd like to find a cord that can get more micro details from the ARC yet, I'd like to retain the smoothness but, try to open the sound stage and get a little more bottom in doing so. I listen to Alt rock (Sir Sly, The Killers, Gargage), rock, blues using Classe CAP 151 integrated and Apogee Slant 6s. I know this is subjective but, I'm also doing my best to work with my budget constraints and I'm not going to change if the improvement would just be slightly incremental. I'd like suggestions to consider, please.
Hydraulics provide a good analogy for those who do not understand electrical flow. 

My recommendations in an AC cord would be limited to those that are either large diameter (small gauge number) with great material (best copper - I do not know about silver for this application) and good connectors. If you can solder, I also highly recommend making cables, although I do not know if this is appropriate for power cables.

I also have personally found that Audioquest or Synergistic Research power cords with potential EMF surrounds also sound better. In your price range, I would recommend Audioquest Blizzard or preferably Thunder (high current).

My system is custom mains from box to wall (underground line direct from step down transformer in a rural setting - power is measurably excellent) > Audioquest wall receptacle > Nordost power system with ground > SR Euphoria power cords to all equipment > Esoteric X-01XD SACD player with external Cybershaft OCXO master clock (OP-19) > Luxman CL1000 preamplifier > Audio Research 250SE power amplifier > Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers. Balanced XLR connectors are Shunyata Sigma (1st and 2nd generation), speaker cables are SR Galileos. Custom underground listening cavern with passive absorption and active spectrum reflections at pre-determined locations.
Since my music was a bit too warm to my ear (I probably overdid with my $4500 speaker cables by Roznent II Bis...could not return them or exchange :( ) so I just cut off power cord that was feeding my upright Frigidaire freezer and spliced it into my system...wow...just wow!
Everything came to the right balance.
And with the freezer...I just used that cable for charging smart phone...was tricky with all the thin wires to get them settle in a typical plug...but I did it!

ps. sorry of all the product name dropping...but have no association with Roznent or Frigidaire