Power cord choice?

Hoping to change (or upgrade) my current PC in use with my ARC CD3 Mk2. Currently I'm using a Locus Designs Polestar and setting a limit $600 max. I'd like to find a cord that can get more micro details from the ARC yet, I'd like to retain the smoothness but, try to open the sound stage and get a little more bottom in doing so. I listen to Alt rock (Sir Sly, The Killers, Gargage), rock, blues using Classe CAP 151 integrated and Apogee Slant 6s. I know this is subjective but, I'm also doing my best to work with my budget constraints and I'm not going to change if the improvement would just be slightly incremental. I'd like suggestions to consider, please.

Signal Projects power cables are relatively unknown but are very impressive in terms of performance. I just got their Atlantis power cable and I was actually very surprised how much tighter and detailed all genres sounded. Soundstage was also noticeably better.

I am also looking at Signal projects.  May I ask what cable you replaced to get the improvement from the Atlantis?

Virtual Dynamics Power Three will bring you in under budget at $250-$300

You can thank me later.
I bought speaker cables and IC from Triode Wire Labs and I am going to buy PCs from them, just need to save some... Ask the owner, he is a trustworthy real life down to earth expert. But I guess there are a few more. I would advice you to "buy the seller" not the product. 
Hi bigtwin
Well said and you are absolutely correct.
You've done my job for me.  I've replied to all power cord posts with what you say, namely electricity travels miles down cables and wires that don't belong to us and we cannot influence and some fools say that changing the last few feet can somehow clean up all the mess that lies before.

Hi thyname.  The first shall be last.  You're turning the world upside down just to try to evidence your misguided theories.  Of course there are two wires and they both come from the power station.

As for the plug pluggers and the fuse fiddlers, words fail....
You didn't really mention this but...are you already using an outboard DAC for your ARC CD3?  If not, the addition of a good outboard DAC is going to make a lot more difference in the sound profile than changing the power cord.  (And no, I'm not a PC naysayer; I've got my share of aftermarket PCs.)