Power cord..CDP or AMPLIFIER?

ryt now im in a budjet to buy a power cord.i wanted to buy 2 power cords for my cd and my amps.,so i might buy 1 pc only.
So where should i put my power cord to feel the best sound for the mean time...cdp or amps?ty!
guess it all depends on :

what cd player do you have ?

what amp do you have ?

what do you want to spend ?

ryt now im in a budjet

Ever think of proof reading ?
A power cord that works well on a CD player may not necessarily work as well on an amp as another brand.

When I first tried power cords in 2000 or so, I borrowed a Cardas Golden and it was fabulous on an Arcam Alpha 9, but made little difference on an Arcam Alpha 10 integrated. On the other hand, a TG Audio power cord (from the late Bob Crump) gave the integrated a huge shot in the arm - way more dynamics.

Riley...Well,just my humble cambridge audio amplifier and Music hall cd player.maybe my budjet will around 100bucks..and it seems possible huge development,compare to my ordinary cable that i used ryt now.

Metralla,thanks for the info.
For a hundred bucks you can build two nice DIY cables.They would be a step up from the stock cords just as a store bought one in that price range would be.You would have the satisfaction of knowing that you built the cable.Don't expect head turning results at that price level though.Just a thought.Good luck.
Pangea.. for under $100 you get both... Google Pangea.. the "other' power cable. (actually the one giving the expensive boys nightmares!! hah!)

Music Direct has Shunyata Diamondback Platinum power cords on sale for 50% off, $125 instead of $250. And if you dont like it just return it. They are great about returns. I just picked up 2 of them to compare to my PS Audio power cords.
Elizabeth is right.
It's a bit of apples and oranges. You need both.

I know that upgrading power cords to modest PS Audio ones has improved things on both my player and my amp.

Given your budget, I'd see what's on sale at Music Direct or your favourite brick and mortar dealer and what you can afford and go for it. You'll need the other one eventually. Save your pennies so you can get it too.
Have to agree with Elizabeth.
Hey folks,
thanks for all the advise,maybe im trying to look at audiogon or any other music store,or i'll try to look for those brand that mention here.
if you have to pick one do the cdp
Tpreaves, Elizabeth and Lostbears all have good advice. As to whether you replace the CD cable or the amp cable first, I would think the amp cable, but the suggestion to try both is important because the outcome is going to depend on both your gear and the cables you choose. Some additional comments on the subject:

At the price of the Pangea cables, I don't know how you can go wrong.

The Shunyata Diamondback cable is very good, providing a large portion of the performance of the company's much more expensive and exotic cables at a fraction of the price, especially so at half price. It is probably well worth the $125 asking price and would also probably work very well on both your amp and CD player compared to your stock cables. I am using one right now on a Cambridge CD player and would never go back to the stock cable.

Spurred by the success with the Diamondback cable, I have also built my own cable, replacing a hardwired stock power cord on an older integrated amp using some Carol cable and a Pass and Seymoour plug. It cost $17 in materials from the local Home Depot, took about 45 minutes to make, and it sounds much better than the old stock cord.

If you were to build one of these for an application that requres an IEC connector as well as a male AC plug (most current applications), it would run you nearly forty bucks since IEC plugs for 12 guage and larger cables sizes cost at least $17 each. At this cost point, you are running into the cost of cheaper mail order cords like the Pangea, and you might as well save yourself the trouble and just buy one already made. Home made cords make sense to me when you are going to push the boundaries in terms of raw wire and connector quality, because the costs of these materials seem to get multiplied in the manufacturer's profit margins for premium hifi power cables.

Here are some other sources of budget cables you might check out:





Good Luck
Knownothing,Thanks for the info.till NEXT....CHEERS!
The power cord into the Amplifier is the first step.
Lostbears, what PS Audio PC's are you comparing them with and what was the outcome?

In my system, I found changing the PC to the Amp made a bigger significant difference. I have big high current amps and need non current limiting PC.
Two of the links I provided don't work, at least didn't work for me. My bad. Here is another try:


Wattgate/Lacey Power cord on the amp, would be my suggestion. The CDP does not use very much power and I have not been able to hear as much difference on my CDP as I do with the amp. I did find that the power supply made the biggest difference. I took the power cord from my Richard Gray and put that on my CDP, when I got the Wattgate/Lacey power cord. This gave me a 3D soundstage. I was not getting that with factory cords.
Try a lot of stuff, some things make a big difference and som make very little. Hospital grade, if you try to make your oun stuff.
It is funny you mentioned the Lacey power cords .
I was looking for a power strip and Lacey makes super good quality
Power blocks using Synergistic research Quantum outlets and precision
Parts well worth the money .they come with one of their power cords a beast 10awg , I bought one also for my amplifier, and preamp digital .
I can tell you even before the 200 hr breakin they easilly bested
My HC Shunyata pc and my Synergistic T-2 power cord.this one thing that is apparent ith away was the lack of noise, the images were very locked on
And the soundstage for sure expanded this was at only the 75 hr point .
The Watt gate connectors really give components a tight fit.
These are an easy recommendation even for a experienced Audiophile.
Hey Audioman,

Wondering if you could lead me to the exact PC you are talking about as I need one for my new integrated. I bought a new Shunyata VTX and like it a lot, but moved it to my DAC where it is designed to work better. Was thinking about getting the Shunyata HC for my amp.