Power Cord Burn-In

I know, I know...this has been posted before but I swear I searched the archives and couldn't find what I was looking for so here's my question:
Just purchased a new pc for my cdp.
Can I burn this cord in without turning up the volume( family factor) and can I leave my preamp and amp off during this process. In other words, can I simply throw a disc in my cdp and press play/repeat and let the music play with no volume?
Perhaps you can explain: "Faulted Defects Generated by the Movement of Boundaries in Electron Microscope Specimens" pp314-325 'ELECTRON MICROSCOPY OF INTERFACES IN METALS IN ALLOYS' CT Forwood, LM Clarebrough.
Essentially: "A striking property of high-angle grain boundaries in pure polycrystalline copper (99.999%Cu) is that they are mobile in thin-foil electron microscope specimens at room temperature and rotate during observation, preferentially at the surface intersections. ... The defects observed consist of different types of stacking fault bend, and in addition , small twinned grains sometimes form by boundary dissociation ... "
Various microphotographs are presented over a period of days, and the electron microscope was turned off between measurements.
Now, IF copper formations can actually move on their own, what would happen if an electric current was applied over the same time period?
Perhaps your model of electron flow shows what happens to these copper atoms and why they won't stay where they were first put.
power cord burn-in...is there a DR. in the house ,you guys are giving me burn-out
You guys must have money to burn. I suppose you drive one of those special Chevy Tahoe's they call HUMMER.
This is one of those " My stereo is better than your stereo" situations.
Give me one shred of evidence that this theory exsists.
Thanks, This is fun:)