Power cord break-in tips?

I will receive a new power cord for my VAC in a few weeks. In my experience some power cords improve sound quality and over time and a new power cords effect will change in a good way, hopefully. 
My question is what appliance do you folks use to break-in a new cord? I use our plasma TV it's used much of the day.

Put it on the TV great break in idea.

I usually break them in on a 20 cu ft refrigerator.
It runs 24/7 and draw lots of power.

The food in the fridge usually tastes better too. ;^)


The Plasma TV is a good choice as it uses about 300 watts. Your power cord needs a good five days with current going thru it.
It will then take 3-5 days to settle in with your amp. If you know of a local person with a Audio Dharma Cable Cooker do whatever it takes to borrow it. It will fully condition the cable better than anything else.

Enjoy your new cable.

David Pritchard
The problem with using most appliances as a power cable burn-in donor is that most appliance don't have an iec power connection.
@brf , that is why they make adapters like this:

I use the fridge, too (with an IEC to 3 prong adaptor), and I give it a couple of weeks.  I have an Audiodharma Cable Cooker 2.5, and I find the fridge to be better for power cords (this is cooking Elrod power cords, which need a lot of break in, IME).
Interesting- guys. I have always wanted to demo Elrod cabling.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
This is silly....put the freakin cord on your equipment and play music.  I hope you got an MIT Oracle or Transparent MM2....sheer bliss!

what gear is in your system, including cabling?

Transparent MM2.
I agree with Dave.   If you're interested, make notes as to the different results from minute to minute.
Wear a ski mask and only use on glass . It will not work on wood or metal .
VAC 160i, Modwright Oppo 105, Garrard 301 Bob's devices step up, Harbeth HL5+.
RCA's Purist, speaker cables Auditorium. Power cables Purist and Acrolink.
The new cable arrived today it will not fit my TV. I connected it to a PC that runs 24-7. I'll hook the new PC to the VAC Saturday it should have about 70+ hours on it then.
Thanks for all the suggestions folks!