Power Cord Break In

Does it make a difference breaking in a power cord using an amplifier opposed to a DAC?  I'm thinking the amp would be faster than the DAC? 
Yes, you are correct.  I broke in a heavy duty power cord this past Summer connected to my refrigerator for a week.  It seemed fully broken in afterwards.
thanks from the both of you!
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I'd opt for a 10 day break-in period on your refrigerator as stereo5 mentioned, if I were you.
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Interesting....None of our frigs has IEC connector. Maybe very new ones do.
Just use a three prong to IEC adapter.


It seems like a power cord will take forever to break in on a fridge since they only run intermittently.
I'm sure that makes  a huge difference in sound for the refrigerators.....
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You people like to make fun of me because I broke in a cord on my fridge?   Yes, I used a 3 prong adapter to IEC.  Like I said before, there really are a lot of jerks here.
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I burn my PC on my Audioharma Cable Cooker for 3-4 days and then on my refrigerator for another 4-5 days before integrating into system. I'm using an IEC adapter as well.

Thanks for the info, stereo5. Just got a few new cords. Will be buying an adaptor today!
perhaps it was a joke.  From first through ninth grade I was bullied because part of my last name rhymed with a dirty word.  The kids would sing song it on the school bus to and from school so I am a bit wary when someone attempts a joke at my expense.  Thanks for pointing it out.  The cord on the fridge really works.  An air conditioner is even better but it’s Winter.  All is forgiven now. 
@stereo5   I can empathize.  Distinctly personal scars like that are unfortunately resilient even over the span of many years.  One consequence is that we become hypersensitive to slights especially on places like Audiogon where it is very difficult to detect good natured humor from cutting sarcasm.

@Elizabeth  I like your idea of having punctuation marks to denote the author's humorous intent. 
/s  at the end of the comment denotes sarcasm on Reddit and many other places. 

Don't take anything said personally, it's that person's issue, not yours. I've burned in power cords using the adapter on my fridge for 25 years before I purchased my Audioharma Cable Cooker.
Actually, using a large appliance is a great idea. Sure beats wearing out tubes. I just got 2 new ZU event power cords and they are performing beautifully.