Power cord between wall and Ultimate Outlet?

Does it matter how good of a cable I run between my Ultimate Outlet and the wall outlet? Should it be my best power cable (I have a nice PS Audio Statement). Or, should I be running a cheaper cable up front (like my PS Audio Prelude or a Signal Cable Magic Power?) and run the nicer cables to my preamp and digital player? What are the pros and cons of each?

Go to the PS Audio website and forums there are many answers to this question. You can also e-mail someone from PS Audio from their website as well.

In a nutshell, use you best and thickest power cord from wall to UO.
When I had the Ultimate Outlet, I actually used the cheaper PS audio power punch. I found it was not good to connect PC's that had filtering properties from the wall to the Ultimate Outlet because it was distorting the sound quality. Most of my expensive PC's had some filtering material in them. I found it was okay to use them from the Ultimate outlet to the equipment, but not from the wall. You really need to perform listening tests with all of your cables to determine which cable is best with which component. One other thing I found is that connecting a cable composed with silver to my CD players made the sound too bright, but every system is different and so is every set of ears that listen to music.
I used to have an UO. I found the better the powercord from the wall to the UO made the biggest improvement.