Power Cord arrangement ?

I currently have MIT AC1 on my amp and MIT Z-Cord II on my Pre-amp and Z-cord I on my CD player. Just curious to know if this is the right orientation for my equipment?

I have owned most of the MIT lineup starting with Shotgun through Oracle Dot 2. The Z cord II is transparent and neutral but not offering the lower noise floor or organic sound of even the Magnum AC 2. My AC 2 is world class of course, as is the AC 1. In general, use your best cables on your source and then work your way back...once the signal is altered or contaminated you can't resurect it:O) Talk with Joe Abrams at Equus Audio for free advice and discounted MIT product.
In my experience ...it depends. I have power cords made of Oyeida plugs on Accrolink, and some with Furutech plugs on Accrolink. I have an all Ayre system. The Oyeida plugs sound best on the CD player and preamp, and the Furutech plugs sound best on the amp. If I change it around, the final result is not nearly as good. So... try differen combinations on your system to find out what works best for you.
So, I should arrange them like listed below:


Rega Apollo on MIT Z Cord II

21A Pre-amp on MIT original Z-cord

150A Ref amp stock cable for now

Will look at upgrading power cord for the amp later this year. Trying to read all I can then make a decision based upon what I hear.

By Wig, I think you've got it!