Power cord and Interconnects for Cambridge Azur840

I fill the Azur 840 is a little on the thin side, what Power Cord and Interconnect can help this out to sound more full bodied.
Highly recommend DCCA Audio power cords. My source is cambridge audio 740C and using DCCA powerwave 5. The sound is full bodied and musical.
for ICs consider the Cardas Golden Cross or Kimber Select all copper interconnect ( 2 models to choose from). The Kimber will help you get where you want to be with more smoothly delivered detail.

IMHO Consider the proper footers under the 840C. Try 4 Herbies regular tenderfeet. You will appreciate the smoother mids and highs without losing the bass impact you desire.

Hope this helps!
I actually prefer the herbie labs clear isocup with high end base under the 740C than tender feet. 4 iso cups sounded better than 3. Of cos the stock feet of the 740c have to be removed.
Have any of you tried the Shunyata Research Anaconda Helix VX or for that matter any of the vx line on the 840 for power cord.

Horchai the DCCA is also in the running, after speaking with Don, I fill comfortable his cable will do the job as well.

This is the second time that someone mentioned the Cardas Golden Cross for IC.

Hifiman5 have you a/b'ed the Cardas Golden Cross or Kimber Select on the 840, if so, what was your findings.

I use 4 ballbearings in there housing to set the cd player on. What can you say the herbie products have done for your CD player. Thanks for the feed back thus far.

I have used so many different isolation/damping devices under my components that now every electronic component in the house is utilizing either Black Diamond Racing, Mapleshade brass footers or isopods. All of my hifi rig components sit on Herbie tenderfeet. There are regular and hard feet to choose from. After much experimentation and many trials, I found that a mixture of the hard and standard tenderfeet give me the most neutral sound in my system. The frequency spectrum is evened out, dynamics reveal the ebb and flow of the music and the bass is tight, impactful and, most of all, realistic. I just enjoy music now and no longer covet other components or tweaks. I still enjoy discussing and reading about audio gear but I am content, believing myself to be realizing the full potential of my system in the service of music.
Purchased two sets of DCCA's PC and they do the job perfectly.
Seabreeze, what exactly are you hearing now?

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