Power cord and I/C for MF A300 & Music Hall CD-25

Am currently using stock cords and interconnect on Musical Fidelity A300 int. amp. and a Parts Connexion-modified Music Hall CD-25. The speakers are Joseph Audio RM25si, mk 2 connected to the MF A300 by Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker wire. I am happy with the speaker wire. Any recommendations for power cords for the amp and cd player as well as an i/c between amp and cd player? I am interested in lowering the sound floor, and adding both warmth and detail, if possible. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Check out VHaudio's flavor 2 for the amp and the flavor 1 for the cdplayer.
I second the VH Audio Flavor 2 recommendation for the MF A300.
Made a very good amp sound great.

Here is link to my review of it in my system.

I have a Creek 5350SE, Music Hall CD25 and Epos M12's. I have a Blue Circle BC62 on my CDP, A Kimber PK10 on my amp and another PK10 running from my conditioner to the wall. Both PC's are very dynamic and re-inforce your systems bass nicely. Very reasonably priced too!

I would give Ridge Street Audio Silver Midnight's IC's a try (I currently own). I think they would compliment your system nicely. I did own the AP 12's with my above gear, they are a little warm. The Midnights are neutral with great detail and provide a relaxed sound.

Just a follow up, The Midnight's are not "warm", while a very good IC (not bright either) if warmth is what you seek, you may wish to look elswhere. They are neutral. From reading A'gon, I know many recommend Cardas Golden Reference for warmth and detail. Just one thought.
I've tried the PS Audio Lab II power cord previously on my MF A3 Integrated to good effect. With regards to the Interconnect if you're looking for warmth then as Mattybumpkin mentioned Cardas is the way to go (probably the GR) which is supposed to be a mix of warmth and detail.