Power Cord Advice

I am thinking about replacing my power cords in my system and am looking at the Synergistic Research Power Coupler, Shuyata Black Mamba and the Harmonic Technology Pro AC-11. Any input or advice on these would be helpful. Thanks...
The best is FIM. I tried the new King Cobra version 2 and compared it to the FIM (First Impressions) and it (the Fim) ate the Cobra like a MONGOOSE. Regards, Mike
As Sol322 suggested, check previous threads. There is alot of good information. Of the ones you listed I have only auditioned the Synergistic Research Master Coupler. It was bettered only by the Marigo Audio Labs Ultra Series II on my digital front-end and the Custom Power Cord Company Model 11 on my power amps. Borrow them from The Cable Company (www.fatwyre.com) and try them in your system. I used this method to audition 9 or 10 different power cords. It was very educational, and alot of fun.
I haven't tried any of the ones mentioned by other responders, but I still think you'd be well served by trying STEALTH HAC power cords. Remarkably affordable, and they've done a great job in my system. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. See www.interlinkhouse.com, or email stnemo@starpower.net. Recently some were Dutch auctioned, and went for under $80.
Hi Jla. The FIM gold PC would be my first choice at $1200. A used cobra for $600 to $700 or a FIM silver ($700 retail I think) would be my 2nd choice. The coincident PC is under $300 retail and is very good. Hope I was some help.
Hi Jla; The Syn. Res. Master Couplers are excellent at their price-- and well above it I think. I have them on all my major components, and had auditioned six other cords before deciding, including ESP, Electraglide, Shunyata Sidewinder, and some others, but none of those you mention above. I plan to audition the more expensive Syn. Res. Reference for my source components, and would also like to hear some of the mid-priced Shunyatas, but the Master Couplers are so good I'm in no hurry to replace them. Good Luck. Craig.
For what it is worth I have been very impressed with BMI customs I purchased on this site. I mention this because they certainly outperform the HT cords by a wide margin and in my system they were a better fit than a new Viper I had on loan for about a week, did not tempt me at all. They are reasonably priced.
Fooled around with about 10 different power cords ranging in retail price from $500- $1500. I have to agree with Petland, the winner for the best value and construction dollar for dollar in a power cord is the BMI virtue EEL reference custom. I have 4 in my system, and gives me the improvements I needed in my system. They are very detailed and dynamic sounding. Great service on BMI's end to answer questions and custom designed my eels to work in my system +$50K audio system.
I just put in a JPS Analog AC.I am very pleased.This is the first power cord i have tried.So I cant comment about how it sounds VS others.What i can say is it has made my system sound better.At 349.00 retail its good value.JPS will allow you to try them.Just contact them.They will charge your Visa and if you dont like them return them.I hope to try out a Coincident power cord soon.I have been told they are some of the best at any price point.Enjoy the music.