Power cord adapter for video components

I have a couple video components that have cheap, removable, two-prong power cords made from poorly shielded lamp cord. I would like to replace them with something that has better shielding, like a three-pronged Belden power cord, but I first need to find an adapter that will connect to the figure-eight-shaped female end on the video components. Does anyone have any suggestions? If adapters don't exist, then does anyone know of a better power cord that can fit this type of female end? Thanks.
Harmonic Technology makes exactly what you need. A single crystal 2 prong to three prong adapter. Not only does it solve your problem, it is very neutral, and will allow whatever power cord you use to show its characteristics. Costs around $60. Don't let the Do it Yourself idea stop you from buying it. It uses the same quality proprietary cabling as their expensive power cords and interconnects. Mine was a major improvement from the stinky 2 prong cable that came with the Pioneer DVD player I used to have.
I saw a nice high quality two prong cord at the CES. This will be a much cleaner setup than an adapter. Knowing Audioquest quality this should be a good upgrade.

I have two of these H T addapters;along with 2 Tsunami PCs. Maybe in my case because I have A M Stealth condidioners the money spent didn't give me what had hoped.-- I would guess if they were the only thing/s working;the results might be different.Item #1 is a Sony Sat box; the other is a Pan.rp91 dvd player.
Audusa (a British company)can supply excellent power cords with the "figure eight" connectors that you need. I have been very pleased with their Eupen ferrite shielded power cables. They terminate the other end with a Hubbel hospital grade plug for a nominal fee. Check them out at www.audusa.com.