Power cord - 5 ft vs 10 ft ?

I've heard many things about the length of a power cord. What is the ideal length of a power cord to give it a chance to perform at its best before connecting to an amplifier?


@jumia Thank you for your kind comment about my record collection. It has been fun and still is growing, though at a slower rate. 

How do I choose what to play? Great, great question. Believe it or not, mostly i am streaming these days. Saves wear and tear on the cartridge and it is really stressless. Through my bluesound node2i and my orchid it sounds pretty good.

Currently I am running a 25’ exertion cord to my subs from the back of the room because of a weird ground loop issue I can’t shake. I guess that puts me in the power cords don’t matter camp lol. 



If you have a ground loop issue then it has to do with the fact that some of your components are connected to your breaker box through circuits that have a different resistance than others… this causes a trickle of current running through your system. 

For instance, I had a dedicated circuit for my power conditioner and plugged my amp into a shared circuit (a typical home outlet). I had a hum. If I used an extension cord from the same duplex receptacle for my amp it would go away. But this compromised the sound quality. I have two breaker boxes. I had a second direct line put in…adding a circuit breaker for the other direct line in the breaker box adjacent from my first. Problem gone. 

Now. As far as sound quality, power cords make a big difference.