power cord

I have a PerfectWave Power Plant 5. Would it be safe to substitute an after market power cord for the one it came with?
Absolutely!  Paul McGowan, the head honcho at PSA recommends the stock cable be upgraded.  My P5 is fed from a PS Audio Statement power cord.
+1 hifiman5. Just make sure the power cord is a large gauge such as 12 or 10 gauge etc. suitable for your PerfectWave Power Plant.
And you will open a can of worms...
Thanks lak, will do! Most everybody likes gummy worms, pops, lol.

Gummy’s. Have to agree there!
@mewsickbuff how much did you want to spend on a new or used power cord?
Budget no more than $200 used.
Definitely consider a Shunyata Venom HC power cord.  20 amp IEC plug termination seems to be all that's available now.  $175 for 6 feet new from Music Direct or The Cable Co.  Well worth it though you'll need a 20 amp cable to 15 amp IEC converter.  Of course you can spend plenty more on a converter from Shunyata or Voodoo Cable ($75) but after break in, I heard little difference between a $10 generic and the $75 Voodoo Converter (the latter bought used for less, fortunately). 

Note as well several recommendations of the Analysis Plus Pro Power Oval made in various threads by one, Geoff Kait.  6 foot length/15 amp IEC termination available new for ~$110 right now from Musician's Friend and Guitar Center.   

Good luck in your hunt.