Power Cord 20 amp for my Krell FPB 600 Amp.

Hello i just purchased a Krell FPB 600 Amp. Can anyone recommend a good 20 amp power cord? My system also consists of B&W 800 Matrix , Mark Levinson 38s preamp, Rega Saturn r CD Player . Straightwire Cescendo XLR and Virtuoso speaker cables . Thank you  
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I recently purchsed a Audio Research Ref 5se and needed a cord as well. I found a really good deal on a demo 20amp Cardas Clear and am very pleased with it. I also had found a demo Clear Beyond but felt it more than I needed for a pre-amp. But for an amp, I think the Clear Beyond would be a great companion.
Hi Theo thanks for your response . Do know were i could find a Cardas Clear Beyond 20 amp Power Cord? 
Check with the Cardas dealers in your area listed at Cardas.com 
Audio advisor sells a 15 amp to 20 amp adapter. This allows you to use any 15 amp power cord. This is what I use with my Krell FPB amps.
You may want to check out this thread and try one of Bob Grost's ne Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme Blue, high current power cords. Reasonable priced, and a lot of folks are dumping more popular and expensive cords in favor of these new Graphene cords/cables.


keep me posted as you audition PC for your power amp!
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You should check out the Synergistic Research High current black power cord. Very reasonable price and a 30 day home trial.
Purist or Stealth both are well made and sound great.
Update us- OP.