Power Cord

Two power cords are the the final pieces of my audio puzzle. Current system: Modded variable out DVD player, Modded Pass X250.5, Synergistic Research Powercell 10SE, DIY Accuton based WMTMW with a 12" Rythmik sub per channel. All gear on SRA Platforms. Oracle V1.2 interconnect, and Oracle V3.2 Speaker Cable. ASC tube traps and other acoustic treaments. I've got a MIT Magnum AC2 on the DVD player and a Shotgun AC2 on the amp.

The MIT power cords get the mids right. Their overall balance is pretty good, but the bass could be tighter, treble more open and over all just cleaner. To my ears, as I move up the MIT power cord change, the sound becomes more midrange-centric. The one thing I really like about most of the MIT gear I've come across is that the "brightness" region (upper mids through middle treble) is NEVER over done. This is an area I find most cables don't get right. I've never heard a Nordost cable, or system wired with one that I liked. Had a Cardas pc in my system ages ago. Really nice except for the GRAIN. I've recently borrowed a Synergistic Research Precision AC cable, but couldn't get past the lean midrange and slight "paper" quality to the treble. Super clean though.

Looking for a more "real people in the room" sound than a "listen to all that air, and look at those ghost like images."

Any recommendations on things to try would be most welcome!