Power Convertion...need Help Please

Hi Guys...I got a paired of mc 501..Is it possible to convert the adaption from 120v 60hz to 230v 50hz ??..
Please help...I need to know it as soon as possible..
Please help me
for sure McIntosh can do the power conversion for you, if you send it to them. If you are outside of the USA, chech the McIntosh website, they should have a service provider for your country.
I have changed the voltage on a number of pieces of US kit. A competent engineer should be able to do it in less than an hour. Usually it envolves only changing the taps on the transformer to change the voltage and then checking the result carefully with a variac. Big companies supply a world market. It makes no economic sense for them to design an amp or any bit of kit, that is not easily transferable between markets.