Power Configuration with Monster HST1000 MKIII

I have the following HT Setup:
1) Panasonic Viera Plasma 42" 1080p
2) Harman Kardon AVR 146 (30w x channel x 5.1 - 25amp HICC)
3) Yamaha 5.1 Surround Speakers (6 ohm) with powered line out Sub
4) Toshiba 480p DVD Player
5) Thorens TD 145 Turntable
6) Phono Preamp (MQS-35) S/N ratio = 80db 12v AC adapter
7) Scientific America IPTV Box w HDMI

I have the Monster HST 1000 MKIII power center which draws a max of 15 amps. Should I plug all my appliances into the power center, or is this not advisable. What would be a safe and economical alternative?
By appliances, do you mean all your equipment? Or do you mean ADDITIONAL household appliances, like microwaves, blenders, toasters and vacuum cleaners? If you mean the latter, I suggest you have enough reserve there for all your audio/video equipment, but not running, say, a vacuum cleaner at the same time you are running your entertainment gear!
While you could plug other applicances into the 1000 MIII, you should not run any appliance likely at the same time as the rest of your system, depending. (i.e, how much wattage and current you are requiring with additional)
As for your equip listed above, you have plenty of room, and are not running out of freed up amperage.
I think you have something like 1800 watts of range with a 15amp rated piece like the Monster. Totaling all of what you have, you should be well within that operating range, I believe. And you shouldn't be pulling more than 10 amps at any give time, likely.
By appliances I mean audio/video. I try to keep my stoves and fridges in the kitchen:)

Thanks for the follow up. My main concern is that the user guide for the Monster PC is a bit ambiguous about whether or not high current receivers should be plugged into it. It says that they won't be harmed but that it is advisable to only plug in "audio" equipment". Since the HK AVR146 has a "high instantaneous current capability" of +-25 amps and the power center has max amps of 15 I thought that it might not be suitable for the receiver. But even Harman Kardon seems to think it will be fine.