Power condtioning/filtering

I’ve temporarily abandonded my meds and gone on a spending spree pursuing cleanup isle 5 of my house current.  What a revelation.  Decware ZLC conditioner and Perfect Path Technologies The Gate almost simultaneously.  I know, one should not mix meds (metaphor).  I should have introduced one device and two weeks later the other to properly assess each one’s affect.  Mia copa.

I don’t care so I abandoned protocol and went rogue.  I can say I believe the positive effects to be cumulative and large.  This is the rationale I’m sticking with to convince my bank account.

The change is quite palpable in all areas and now believe to some degree It’s like changing oil in our cars without ever changing the filter.  Yes, we extend the life of the engine and improve performance somewhat yet shortchange the overall effect.  It’s quite astonishing in refinement and dynamics.  I’m also convinced it is relative to the overall level of system.  The better the system the greater the gain revealed.

Naim UnitiServe, custom PSU, Mojo Mystique V3 DAC, Manley Neo-Classic pre, ATC 40 active floorstanders and lots of tweeky PCs, ICs, Quadraspire stuff.

Mia copa? Your cup? Well it does sort of sound like mia culpa.
That's a malapropism by the way. Like polo bear.

If it was me though I'd try and pretend I was trying to say the Gate is so good its my Grail.

Because, I mean, it is that good? Right? 
Idiot autocorrection.  Missed it by one letter and it gave me that.  Yes, it is that good.  And I like polo bears.  Ciao