power conditoning with power amps

considering the equi=tech 2rq and bpt 3.5 signature plus power conditioners for use with my pass x350 and x5 in my home theater setup. my front end equiptment is running thru a rgpc 1200c with no problems.

the home theater does not have a dedicated 20a line (my 2channel system in another room has dedicated 240 volt ?30 amp line that runs thru a rgpc 240 volt substation and then to a hydra2 and hydra 8). i am looking for a simpler solution in my home theater and feel i need and am looking for thoughts on these 2 units only.

i am not interested in opinions on any other products than the 2rQ and the bpt3.5 sig. plus.

As a general rule, power amps do not benefit from balanced power devices (which both your candidates are.) What power amps want is LOTS of CLEAN power out of the wall (preferrably using a 10AWG PC to facilitate good energy transfer.)

Since you don't have a dedicated circuit for your HT (the best and cheapest solution) I'd recommend a power REGENERATOR unit like the ExactPower EP-15A, one of the PS Audio "Power Plants", or the Audiophile APS 1050 Power Solution.

I don't think either of the manufacturers you're considering make regenerators, but it's been awhile since I checked their line-ups.

hey, Nsgarch, excellent advice, but he said he's not interested in any other products.

I would have to chime in here and state after working in two of the highest profile dealers in the country I have to call em the way I hear them.

Power regenerators for the most part are or can be excellent on front end devices. Power amplifiers need juice and lots of it. The RG 1200s should be moved to the amps and then a power regenerator can be played with here if required. The Richard Gray's are fantastic for power amplifiers. My set up in my main demo room is Audience Adapt for the front end and the RG 1200s for the amps, works splendly!
thanks for the responses. i have decided to bite the bullet and have a dedicated 240v sinle phase line installed to my home theater(like i have in my 2 channel room) and use another rgpc 240-->120v substation. i will plug the amps directly to the substation and the front end equiptment to the 1200c.

it will cost more than i originally planned, but it is really the ultimate.