Power conditions for Integrated Amps

Anyone using a power conditioner for an integrated? I keep hearing to plug your amp direct into a wall, and use a conditioners for the rest of your equipment. So, what do you use for an integrated? I'd like to hear from actual integrated amp owners mostly. Others are welcomed to chime in of course!


This is true with everything we own in audio. What may sound just right in somebody's listening space could sound horribly wrong in another. That's why most of the advice on any audiophile must be taken with a grain of salt. I feel like I have been swimming in salt water for a long time.

I have a special 4 wire 20 amp dedicated circuit using awg 10 Copper wire 

copper gold outlets ,a common ground and a isolated insulated ground 

with its own separate dedicated buzz bar , with Solid silver contacts in the breaker 

from Germany , and a Siemens 200k surge protector,ii with a power factor filtering 

on the incoming signal , our incoming power is one street over and the signal  is super clean day or night .i plug my Coda CSIB in direct to the wall but have a dedicated custom isolation for my digital .

Originally tried using my Denafrips Thallo amp plugged into my Panamax M5300 and was initially happy (because I had no comparison). Followed a thread here that recommended a dedicated circuit.....had 2 20AMP dedicated lines installed with new Furutech outlets, and upgraded the power cords. I honestly diidn't think I'd hear much of a difference, but I have audiophile disease so why not.

Blew my face of with the difference, easily one of largest improvements my system has made. Not subtle, overt

A power conditioner is only necessary if there is noise on your mains.  If you can't hear it, you may have it but it doesn't matter.

If you can hear noise, before running to the cost of a conditioner try the simpler solutions.  Isolate the noisy equipment in the house - fridges, washing machines, anything with an electric motor (don't worry about your turntable).  If this doesn't sort it out, re-run the supply to your system so that it branches before other circuits immediately after the main fuse and with its own fuse-box.  Check the main earth and if it is poor, install a bigger one running deeper into the ground.

By now you probably won't be hearing the noise any more.