Power conditioning w/ video projectors?

I recently purchased a Yamaha LPX-500 LCD video projector that I am thoroughly enjoying. That aside, I've pondered the possiblity of tweaking and improving the picture quality with the use of a power conditioner. The unit is at the back of the room and is isolated from the rest of the equipment so only one outlet is necessary. I was looking at the AudioPrism ACFX unit, although I imagine there are other good options. Has anyone out there gained positive results using power conditioning on their video projector...or is it simply not worth messing around with?

Thanks in advance for any insights and/or observations!
When I was using analog cable, the MonsterBar 2100 improves the pic quality. When I switch over to digital cable, I can't tell which one attribute more as pic quality improves more. Regardless, it can be a surge protector to protect my plasma.
I would look at the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet or on a larger budget a P500 power regenerator.