Power Conditioning: Transparent PowerBank 6 vs Emotiva CMX-6

Any real-world experience or thoughts on these two options?
I don't have real-world experience with these 2 units, but they're both great brands.

Emotiva in general is a solid value brand. If I were you, I would consider how many joules of power protection each unit offers. Based on that, you can decide to keep it for a longer time - without risking your gear.

I have the CMX-6 and can attest that it is well built and delivers power. I bought it as part of a series of power system upgrades including a dedicated 10 ga. line, Hubbell outlet and HiFi fuse for my amp. Not interested in testing each independently I implemented it all at once and gained significant improvement in bass response and ease. I bought the CMX mainly for its noise filtering capabilities as I do not think they advertise it as a surge protector. If surge protection is your goal you might consider something else.