Power Conditioning / Surge Protection

I am looking for some advice on power conditioning and surge protection.  I have a dedicated circuit for my two channel system with eight outlets. Years ago I was talked into buying a couple of Richard Gray Power Stations which I still have in the system. Because of the logistics of my system they have served as additional outlets when power cords weren’t long enough but honestly I don’t know a damn thing about power conditioning or surge protection and whether I’m doing harm or good to my system.  I have a turntable, phono stage, music server, streamer, CD player, integrated amp and dual powered subs so I have a lot of need for power. I’m interested in protecting my equipment but I don’t want to muddy things up either. I’m willing to scrap the Richard Grays and either replace them with something else if there are better options.

I would greatly appreciate any advice from those who know about these things. I’m very happy with my equipment but feel the power issue is lacking or, at best, not well thought out. 
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The two units I have don’t show a name or model number. The RGPC logo is different from that on current models. The folks at RGPC told me it was an early version of the 400. They’ve made some changes since then but I’m told they don’t really wear out. It seems to sound fine in my system

This is always a dangerous topic on an audiophile forum😄  Recently, I have noticed a trend in both of the rags I read for Reviewer's reference sytems to include the AQ Niagara 5000.  Maybe it is advertising dollars or a better loaner program, but there it is along side all of the other best products.  I recently added one to my new system (Moon Evolution Series stack, mono blocks, 802's and a stereo pair of REL 812's) and there was an immediate, obvious, improvement.  I was surprised that the subs were the first thing I noticed.  More speed, power at the same volume.  I also noticed improvements with the transients and openness of the system.  With all the new power cables (Mostly mid-level AQ stuff) and the $5000.00 unit  it was about $7000.00 invested in power conditioning...a little less than one Moon component😄  Was it worth it?  Well, marginal gains are expensive in this sport, but it easily added as much improvement as one of the Moon pieces!  IMHO
What I use is a Sub Box wired with some old stove wire That's as big around as your little finger around 2 gauge. 20 amp breakers @ sub box to feed Duplexes via 10 gauge solid Copper That feeds a Furman IT Reference 20i. I can tell it works great as no more dimming of lights. 8805 Marantz AV-XPR-2--XPR-5 and 4 Emotiva 100's series 2 also a Phase Linear 500 for zone 2. Sounds fantastic and most responses are WOW so I Would say this works well but that's just me --50 year Fanatic since the Sixties..
Almost forgot 2 Paradigm Sub 2's...
    I run the RGPC 600 into a Hubbell outlet . Since I run low power tubes my amp is through it too . I then run Morrow level 4 power cords from the conditioner to the units . I’ve had numerous power outages without any damage . However living in central California, I don’t need protection from lightning strikes . All my connections have been cleaned and conditioned with Deoxit . After some time I changed the stock power cord on the Gray to a Shunyata Venom 20 amp rated . I immediately noticed an improvement in my system. If I ran a big SS amp(s) I’d forgo protection and go straight into the outlet , YMMV .